Focus on the Business Instead of the Paperwork

NorthLend Financial Success Story

NorthLend Financial is a private lender in the GTA, run by a team of six people. Jason Anbara launched the mortgage administration company in 2017 when he realized he was organizing a lot of private deals for other lenders instead of doing it for himself. Automation played a significant part in the growth of NorthLend Financial’s business, as Jason shared with us.

When the majority of private lenders approve deals, equity is their main criterion. NorthLend prefers more of an underwriting approach, gathering all the documents to make sure the borrower is fully qualified to get the loan, thus taking better security measures to protect their investors.

Naturally, this process involves a lot of paperwork, and the team at NorthLend used to waste most of their time writing Commitments, working with documents in Excel and Word, creating mortgage instructions, and reports. This manual process was heavily impacting their efficiency.

Enter automation

When Jason came across Mortgage Automator, he could see right away how the software could improve NorthLend’s processes and significantly speed up the turnaround time by automating all of their manual work.

Within the Automator system, NorthLend got to white-label their documents with the company logo and contact information. As their usage of the software expanded, Jason and his colleagues turned to the Mortgage Automator support team for guidance to ensure they were getting the most benefits. “I was having a lot of questions along the way. The more deals we do with Mortgage Automator, the more questions we’re going to have, dealing with different situations. The support’s been honestly the best we’ve ever had,” says Jason.

Automate and thrive

Finally getting their documentation automated, the team at NorthLend can fully focus on all of the important aspects of growing the business. With an expanding deal flow, they can be sure that Mortgage Automator will empower them to handle it easily, with the same team size.

NorthLend Financial has ambitious goals for the coming year, aiming to double their growth from last year by bringing in additional 200+ deals. Having a solid automation system in place, there is nothing that can stop Jason and his team from achieving this goal.

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