TORONTO, Ontario, June 12, 2020 / — Driven by its mission to empower private lenders to optimize their businesses to the highest level of efficiency, Mortgage Automator announced a new integration with Filogix, a Finastra company, that allows lenders using the Mortgage Automator software to receive mortgage applications and credit bureaus directly from mortgage brokers across the country.

There is increasing demand for the safeguarding of consumer information, and an ongoing demand by the mortgage industry for a secure, transparent, and compliant mortgage transaction.

To help its users transition smoothly due to the upcoming industry changes, Mortgage Automator partnered with Filogix to build a direct connection between the two platforms while still adhering to the security and accountability standards.

“We are extremely excited about this integration as we feel it is pushing our industry further in the right direction. Now, for the first time, there will be a large variety of private lenders visible to the broker market. This shift, coupled with the upcoming Equifax changes, comes at a perfect time. The integration will further simplify the flow from brokers to lenders and remove time constraints that this process usually involves,” said Joseph Fooks, Mortgage Automator Co-Founder.

“We are very pleased to work with a top organization like Filogix. This is an exciting development for all of the private lenders that use Mortgage Automator daily to get connected with the Filogix users,” added Lawrence Schwartz, Mortgage Automator Co-Founder.

Tim Rye, Vice President, Filogix reinforced their sentiments, “We are very pleased that Mortgage Automator has joined the Filogix Marketplace, as we continue our work to provide
more choice for mortgage professionals, enabling mortgage brokers and lenders to run their business their way.”

When a broker using Filogix Expert or any of the various POS systems using the Filogix Marketplace, chooses to submit a deal to a lender that uses Mortgage Automator, the deal specifics will be seamlessly and automatically created in the user’s Automator account for review. The lender can also automatically assign these new deals to specific individuals in the lender’s company.

The Automator user will receive an email notification about the new deal submission, outlining the basic details. The user will be able to generate their paperwork automatically, as was always the case with Mortgage Automator, and forward it back to the broker in Filogix.

Having files sent directly into the lender’s Automator account will add a boost to their operational efficiency, which is the overarching goal of all Mortgage Automator developments. Private lenders can rest assured that they will keep on receiving applications from brokers and continue to focus on business growth.

Media Contacts
Tatiana Caciur | Marketing Specialist, Mortgage Automator

About Mortgage Automator
Mortgage Automator enables private lenders to keep their businesses connected and organized in a remote environment. The true end-to-end loan origination and servicing platform gives them the tools to save time on documentation by automating most of it, streamline communication through borrower and investor portals and automated alerts, and, as a result, get more work done with the same or fewer resources. The software was built by lenders originally and continues to evolve through ideas sourced from over 100 customers across North America. Mortgage Automator’s headquarters is located in Toronto, ON, Canada.

About Filogix
Filogix is a Finastra company. Finastra is a global leader in financial software, with industry-leading partnerships and technologies around the world, which allows Filogix to access
innovation and knowledge from around the globe, to expand its mortgage marketplace. Filogix has served as the hub of the Canadian mortgage industry for almost two decades, offering secure, reliable connectivity to brokers and lenders. It provides trusted mortgage lending software solutions that enable the effective management of the sales process from origination through underwriting. Filogix’s open platform allows mortgage professionals to submit mortgage deals to the Filogix Lender network from their choice of front-end systems, and for lenders to receive applications regardless of the broker’s platform of choice.

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